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Laidback Collection

In a society that demands for constant change and asks us to continuously go after the next milestone, refuse to settle for anything less than a home-run and collect medals of achievements.

We’d like to think being laidback is not to simply be aloof or ignorant. We believe it’s the ability to embrace a mindful way of living. It is granting your body and mind to wander and explore. To be curious without judgment, pressure or boundaries. It is to listen to your inner voice and be compassionate with your transformation. 

To be laidback is to be present, calm and at ease - in whatever environment you may be thrown into. 

So here’s to exploring boundless creativity,

                 connecting with your body, 

        being one with nature,

embracing failure,

         growing #onyourpace, 

                                       and embodying a laidback state of mind.

We hope Fieldway allows you to show up for yourself in spite of resistance, bring gratitude to your every movement and create moments of togetherness.