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First Mile Collection

It must be tough to start something without knowing how it’s going to end up in the future. We consider a lot of things when starting something new, but really, we will never discover, whether we can or not, we will succeed or not – if we never even take the First Mile. We will experience something new along the way, anyways.

By taking the First Mile, it shows that there is a movement of going forward to reach the goals, despite the fear of failure. No matter how small it is, it is still counted as progress

By taking the First Mile, the fear starts to fade

                                                                 it gets less difficult as time goes by

                                                        it allows for new opportunities

                                                       it brings the end goals closer 

Regardless of your goals, whether it is running a marathon, building a new business, forgiving others, creating new habits, or taking care of yourself, start and believe in your small first step, because every thousand miles begin with a First Mile.